Success Fee Consulting Services for Selling More and Buying Better

Once you have implemented our Apps we offer you consulting services that you will pay just base on the direct profit we demonstrate you during the first two years.  This "Success Consulting Services" will allow you to take the biggest advantage of our Apps and thanks to our Apps you will be able to maintain the advantages when we are not there to support you. Below you can see the different type of consulting services we can provide you with this commercial approach.

  • Demand Generation for creating new customers: We help you to create new customers for your business thanks to our methodologies for Demand Generation and the support of technologies like CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and B2B Marketplaces.
  • Improve Sourcing to get your prices down: We help you to find new suppliers, negotiate with them and bring your prices down thanks to our methodologies for E-Sourcing & E-Negotiation and the support of technologies like SRM, E-Procurement and B2B Marketplaces.
  • Improve Global Supply Chain Management: We help you to reduce your Global Logistics Costs and have a better visibility of your Global Supply Chain Management thanks to our app for Import-Export & SCM.
  • Expense Reduction Analysts: We help you to reduce the prices of your General Expenses and Recover Cash-Flow from your supplier base thanks to the network to which we are connected of consultants and analysts who specialize in specific expense category industry, bringing intimate "insider" knowledge of supplier industries not available to your internal procurement resources.

Try for 30 days your custom E-Business & SCM powered by the Salesforce Platform



Learn how you can take advance of leading Cloud Computing Technologies. Contact us to schedule a webconference where we can discuss how we can address your requirements with one of our apps



Subscribe only if we meet your requirements. Sign an agreement where it is established your commitment for the subscription licenses you will use, only in case the app fits your requirements.



Try our development team during 30 days without any commitment. Our development team will colaborate with your project team during the 30 days trial to customize our app in order to fit the unique requirements of your business.



Get in production only if the customized app for your unique business fits your expectations.

Get loyalty from your customers

Give your customers an interface to work with your company.

Empower usability through productivity

Save up to 50% of staff hours with features that make you work more efficiently.

Tracking of all participants activity

Get all the participants informed as soon as the relevant information becomes available.

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