Share with us your best practices for Demand Generation

Share with us your best practices for Demand Generation. On the scheme below you can see how we use Salesforce CRM,, E-Mail Marketing, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, SEO/SEM and Lead Forensics for our own demand generation.

Demand Generation with Salesforce CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to improve negotiations with your suppliers

E-Tender Reverse Auction
For any business it's critical knowing if they are getting the best prices and conditions from their Suppliers. To address this goal basically you will need to search for new suppliers, evaluate them, negotiate and trade with them in a more collaborative and effective way.
With our app for E-Procurement & SCM you will be able to; find, evaluate, collaborate, negotiate and trade with your suppliers in a completely new way that will finally dramatically improve all your supply costs. We will setup for you a Supplier Community Portal where you will be able to tightly collaborate with your suppliers in order to address your mutual goals. Suppliers will be able to address many of the tasks they have to do with your company through self service options. You also will be able to find and record into your systems new suppliers through new channels like B2B Marketplaces or Social Networks.
We will also provide you with powerful tools to negotiate, collaborate and trade with your Suppliers like the ones you can see below:
  • E-Tenders will allow you to manage sophisticated negotiation scenarios, like Reverse Auctions, that will make your suppliers compete between each other in order to improve your buy prices.
  • Chatter Groups will allow you to share discussions with your Suppliers.
  • Catalogs will allow you to select the items of your suppliers that you are more interested in buying and establish a price for each of them.
  • Contract Management will allow you to record all the data, files and conversations related with your contracts.
  • Discount Rules will allow you to setup sophisticated discounts that takes into consideration multiple variables like; volume, delivery times or dates, packaging, transport capacity,...etc.
  • SCM Rules will allow you to setup specific actions when specific events happens on your supply chain. An example of this is the actions that should be taken when there is a delay on a Estimated Date of Departure (ETD).
  • Shipment Planification will allow you to plan your deliveries taking into account demand requirements and transport costs.
  • Track & Trace will give you a full vision of the global supply chain events related with your orders.

Global Sourcing with Alibaba and the Salesforce Platform

Alibaba and Salesforce



Take advantage of Alibaba's leading B2B marketplace for Global Sourcing and Salesforce's leading cloud Platform to radically improve your Global Supply Chain.

Demo On-Line


See below the principal steps of our easy and friendly combined process for: sourcing, import-export and freight forwarding:

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): Easy access to all your suppliers information from a single point (company information, contact details, product categories and items supplied, requests, quotes, orders, ERP data integration, email integration, document integration, suppliers risk data integration, LinkedIn integration, etc ...).
  • Suppliers Portal for registration and Product Items Management: Powerful Suppliers Portal to allow them self-registration of all their data and product items they can supply.
  • Tender Planning: Define your target prices based on Alibaba products published prices and be sure you stay always on market.
  • Streamline your Request for Quote (RFQ) process by sending requests directly from Alibaba: Any Supply Project in our app has a unique URL so that you can copy and paste it into any third system (specifically B2B Marketplaces, Social Networks, Emails,..) in order to request a quote from a Supplier that isn't already registered in your system.
  • Get your Supplier Quotes directly into your system: All Supplier Quotes will be filled directly by your Suppliers and recorded into your system.
  • Transport & Freights rates management and Import-Export pricing quotation. This will allow you to add all your Import-Export costs to your Suppliers Quotes. 
  • Customs Brokerage: The app is already integrated with customs for more than 90 countries so that you can calculate fast and easy customs duties for all your Supplier Quotes.
  • Comparison Tool: This tool allow you to compare Supplier Quotes from different geographical areas.
  • Shipments: Consolidate Suppliers Orders in order to optimize your Transport Capacity, taking into account items weight, volume and packaging specifications.
  • Track & Trace with alarm management: Take timely action when deviations occur on program. The app is already integrated with 60 Ocean Carriers for Container Events.
  • Business Intelligence to provide managers with a summary of the most relevant aspects of the business.


Ocean Track & Trace powered by the Salesforce Platform


Track and Trace


We would like to invite you to test, with your own containers/bookings, how to improve your customer service with our Track & Trace feature already integrated with 60 Ocean Carriersfor containers events and any vessel for AIS position. Please see on the link below, how you can dramatically change the way you manage your Import-Export business:

Test Container Tracking


Key points of our Import-Export & SCM App powered by the Salesforce Platform are the next:

  • Easy access to all customer information from a single point (contact details, commercial activity, opportunities, quotes, orders, ERP data integration, email integration, document integration, LinkedIn integration, etc ...). This allows your sales rep to plan and execute their commercial activities more effectively.
  • Trade more efficiently with your customers and suppliers, thanks to our E-Business & SCM tools that will allow you and your partners (customers, distributors, suppliers,...) to place orders with Decision Support Systems (DSS) that takes into consideration commercial agreements, historical demand and transport capacities.
  • Transport & Freights rates management and Import-Export pricing quotation. This will allow your sales rep to quote faster and free of errors. 
  • Customs Brokerage: our App is already integrated with customs for more than 90 countries.
  • Track & Trace with alarm management via Chatter for timely action when deviations occur on the program. This feature is of tremendous value to improve service and build customer loyalty as well as being a very powerful sales argument to attract new customers.
  • Business Intelligence to provide managers with a summary of the most relevant aspects of the business.


Get loyalty from your customers

Give your customers an interface to work with your company.

Empower usability through productivity

Save up to 50% of staff hours with features that make you work more efficiently.

Tracking of all participants activity

Get all the participants informed as soon as the relevant information becomes available.

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